The employee benefits field is complex, service-intensive and client oriented. Schorr Associates has the resources, staff, depth of knowledge and years of experience necessary to fully support your company’s employee benefits program.

We provide:

Customized Coverage
  We create cost-effective plans customized for the particular needs and objectives of your business.

Comprehensive Renewal Analysis
  At renewal, we investigate the marketplace thoroughly to ensure that you continue to receive the most competitive, cost-effective, coverage available.

Comprehensive Service Support
  • Claims service advocacy
• Plan administrative support
• Employee communication

Online Benefits Management Tools

  Each client receives a customized, pass-word protected, intranet portal that can be used to:
  • View plan information, upload Summary Plan Descriptions, manage classes and contributions.
• Access insurance carrier forms.
• Upload company policies, memos and handbooks, as well as carrier forms.
• Manage employee accounts and personal details.
• Publish important information for employees, including company calendars, website links and announcements

Online HR Resources

  Clients receive access to:
  • Ready-to-use model policies, sample forms, charts and checklists.

• Extensive information, in an easy-to-use format, concerning a wide range of employment matters, including:
    • Benefits administration
    • Conduct and discipline
    • EEO and nondiscrimination
    • Hiring
    • HR administration
    • Payroll administration
    • Productivity and performance
    • Recordkeeping requirements
    • Schedules and leave
    • Wage and hour law
    • Termination